Kinomichi (literally “ki-no-michi” means “the way of the energy”) is a discipline deriving from Aikido, founded by Noro Sensei in 1979.

After many years of practice of Aikido, Noro decided to create a more sensitive practice, more respectful for the body, where the idea of an adversary is replaced by the idea of a partner.

In Kinomichi there is never the idea of a winner and a looser; the partner’s energy is used to generate a dynamism, an opening, a creation: “Never fight against the other, but always proceed with him in order to move forward”.

The physical practice is a way to explore some important elements as the Hara (the vital center of the body), the Qi (the circulating life energy) the suppleness, by the experience of the encounter and the contact, the spiral and the vertical.

An image often used by Noro is the one of a tree, deeply rooted into the ground, as a vector of energy to liberate into the sky.


The workshop will be run by Takeharu Noro, the son of Noro Sensei and successor in the transmission of the discipline. Together with him, Odyle Noro Tavel, the wife of the great Japanese master, will accompany us during the classes.

The seminar is open to everybody who feels ready for it, with no limits of age, and does not require any specific preparation in martial arts.

After a good warming up, we will explore different techniques, working also in couples or groups, going through some of the movements and approaches that constitute the founding of Kinomichi.

If you want to learn more about Kinomichi, you will find texts (in French), videos and pictures on the official website of the Parisian school:


Please bring comfortable clothes to wear, preferably white, and your bare feet.

If you can, bring something to share for the Sunday lunch break.

Also, if you have one, you can bring a jo (wooden stick) as we might use it during the practice.


RSVP                                               – 07 970648126